Holiday Q&A

This is a holiday themed Q&A hosted by The Blended Blog, but I came across it on Novel Ink. Feel free to join in and answer the questions!

1. Real or fake tree? My preference is always for a real tree, but since moving to the UK, I’ve had to make do with a fake one. I’m hoping to go back to a real tree in the future when we’ve gotten rid of our carpets and have wooden or plastic flooring.

2. Favourite Christmas cookie? Gingerbread cookies!

3. Home on Christmas morning or travel? We celebrate in Sweden every other year, and in the UK every other year, so it varies. But we generally don’t travel on Christmas when we go to Sweden but arrive a day or two before.

4. Clear or Coloured lights? I’m a traditionalist, I have clear lights on everything indoors at least. And a warm light, I can’t stand the icy, cold ones!

5. Send Christmas cards? Sometimes. I try to always send one to my grandma, but as for everyone else it varies from year to year.

6. Favourite Christmas present received? I’ve had so many wonderful gifts throughout the years, that I honestly don’t think I could pick a specific one.

7. Favourite Christmas present given? I love trying to find special gifts, I can’t show any of this year’s gifts yet – so here are a few from a couple of years ago link.

8. Stockings or No stockings? In Sweden stockings isn’t really part of the tradition, but since moving to the UK I’ve started with stockings. This year we have four hanging in the living room, one for me, one for my partner and then one each for the dog and cat!

9. Christmas PJs? No, I wear my normal ones. I did however buy a knitted dress this year that looks like a Christmas pudding. Because I look like a pudding this year, get it?

10. Favourite Christmas carol? I don’t listen much to carols, probably prefer just regular Christmas songs.

11. Favourite holiday tradition? Going home to Sweden for Christmas and celebrating with my family!

12. Early shopper or last minute? Definitely not early. I finished my shopping a few days before Christmas, does that mean last minute or somewhere in between?

13. Favourite Christmas movie or show? I love Christmas movies! Elf, Bad Santa and Die Hard (it is a Christmas movie, I’ll fight you over it!).

14. Favourite holiday beverage? This Swedish drink called must. It’s somewhere between root beer and coke. It’s impossible to explain.

15. Cookies and milk for Santa? I’ve never done this. In Sweden the tradition is to put out some porridge for Santa, but I’m not sure I ever did that either. Sorry Santa!


No one’s challenged me to this, but I really liked it, so I’m stealing it! If anyone would like to steal it in turn, go ahead!


Four names that people call me (other than my real name):
Saga (my brother’s friends still call me by the name of my first WoW char, since that’s how they first met me)

Four jobs I have had:
Senior Entitlements & Benefits Clerk
Visa Administrator
Human Resources Administrator

Four movies I would/have watched more than once:
The Rock
Guardians of the Galaxy
Lord of the Rings

Four books I would recommend:
My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult
Once an Angel – Teresa Medeiros
Harry Potter – JK Rowling
Watchers – Dean Koontz

Four places I have lived:
Ed, Sweden
Örebro, Sweden
The Hague, The Netherlands
Vänersborg, Sweden

Four places I have been:
New York
St.Augustine (Florida)

Four places I’d rather be right now:
Bournemouth (with the boyfriend)
The Maldives
New Zealand

Four of my favourite foods:
Spaghetti Bolognese
Home-made pizza

Four TV-shows that I watch:
Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Grey’s Anatomy

Four things I am looking forward to this year:
Living with the boyfriend
Hopefully a holiday (may have to be next year)
When I get Dragon Age: Inquisition!
The “big move” being over and done with

Four things I am always saying:
I’m sorry, what did you just say?
I hate this internet.
Bailey, stop eating the cat’s food!

Day 30: Earliest memory

I mainly have some scattered images in my head from when I was little. For example, I remember the front of my grandmother’s old house – but the memory is very much like an old photo and nothing else. There were stairs in one of her houses (possibly the same one), that had a collection of vinyl records at the top. I distinctly remember not being allowed to touch them!

Those are probably my earliest memories, since I know she lived there when I was very little (2-3 years old).

What is your earliest memory?

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Day 29: Favourite event(s) in the past year

Anytime involving being in the same country as the boyfriend would probably qualify. Then of course there was the arrival of my niece Moa, and later my nephew William.

I would have liked to go on vacation to some place warm and sunny, but sadly we didn’t manage this year due to time constraints and inability to get time off work. Hopefully we can manage that next year, though it might be difficult since we have a big move to plan.

Also, I’m sorry for rushing these last posts a bit, but I fell so far behind when I lost the internet. So I’m really just trying to get finished now.

What are your favourite event(s) in the past year?

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Day 28: Something you look forward to in the next year

Anyone who’s been following this blog can probably already figure out what I’m looking forward to next year. Moving in with the boyfriend of course!

Naturally, I’m also worried about it. There are still so many things to sort out. How will Bailey handle the move? Will my allergies act up/can we fix them? The fact that moving is going to cost an arm and a leg. Ugh!

Still, it will all be worth it in the end – since it means we can finally be together. Long distance relationships are okay, but I think there’s a limit to how long you can manage without going insane. Just saying.

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Day 27: Your current relationship

Again, I’m late due to the lack of internet in my new place. Some days/nights I can’t even get a connection on my mobile phone. It’s all very frustrating.

So, current relationship.

The boyfriend and I have a long, and a bit scattered history. We don’t have a specific date that we became a couple, really – but so far we’ve just agreed to count the day we first met in real life. It was the best we could come up with. That was September 8, 2011.

We met in the game World of Warcraft when playing in the same guild. I was new and he whispered me to check how I was doing, and we started chatting. We chatted sporadically a little now and then during my first few months of the guild, but soon started talking more regularly. We would stay online on Ventrilo after raids and continue talking late into the night.

Eventually we switched over to Skype, which is much easier – and much more private!

It wasn’t that long before we were chatting nearly every night. Something we’ve continued doing ever since. (Up until this past weekend when I’m stuck without internet!) I think we chatted for nearly four years before finally taking the step to meet in person.

We sort of dated since, meeting whenever we could (not as often as either of us would have liked), but never deciding if we were a couple or not. The distance between us (him living in the UK and me in Sweden), made us both a bit uncertain about a future together.

As time has passed though, we finally realised last year that the distance didn’t matter – because neither can imagine life without the other. So we finally decided to be a “real” couple. Which is when he was promoted to “the boyfriend”.

Hopefully things will only get better from here. (It would get a lot better if I could just get internet again!) Next year we can hopefully start our joint life as we move in together. Big things happening!

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Day 26: Pets

I love animals, and it’s probably a good thing that I don’t win the lottery – because I’d probably find myself in a big house, but filled with animals from top to bottom.

My mom had a dog already when I was born, so I’ve grown up with pets around. We had several other dogs as I was growing up, as well as a cat and a fish tank. At one point I adopted a hamster from a class mate who became allergic, but it didn’t live for very long.

As an adult I currently have my dog Bailey, and my cat Saga. At one point I had two rats, but wasn’t able to keep them since I could never let them out of their cage. Bailey went insane and wanted to eat them. For about a year I had an extra dog, Molly – but as I started working again I couldn’t keep her (I was taking care of her for someone else). She couldn’t be left alone, and that just wasn’t a possibility.

You know, thinking about it… Winning the lottery and having lots of pets doesn’t sound that bad…

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Day 25: Five favourite things in your home

I’m a day late with this one, since I’ve been moving this weekend – which means that I am now without internet. My phone can sometimes get a 2G connection, but it’s insanely slow. Not to mention that writing blog posts on your phone kind of sucks.

I’m pretty sure this is meant to have photos included, but I’m sort of without a home until I move in with the boyfriend. Renting a room for a few months doesn’t feel quite the same. (Thankfully there’s google!)

So, let me think about what I used to like in my home.

1. My Self-Shelf that makes it look like books hover in the air.

Hooray for Google!

Hooray for Google!

2. My comfy armchair. I love getting snuggly in it with a book and a cup of tea.

Not actually mine, mine has different colouring.

Not actually mine, mine has different colouring.

3. The bed! I love my bed, it’s very comfortable. Due to my pain condition, I’m very sensitive to what kind of mattress I’m sleeping on – and the one in this bed is just perfect.


4. My desk. It’s stupidly heavy, because the surface is made from glass, but oh so pretty!

This is the glass surface I have, but I have different legs (in black).

This is the glass surface I have, but I have different legs (in black).

5. My pets. They count, surely?





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Day 24: Favourite childhood book

When I was little my grandma used to take me to the library. She likes to tell me how I would lend a pile of books that was nearly as tall as I was myself. The librarians would say that I was both theirs biggest, and smallest, lender.

I don’t remember any specific books from back then. But I remember reading and re-reading a book about horses when I was in primary school. After a Google search I found it. The name was Silver Brumby’s Daughter by Elyne Mitchell.


At the age of 10 I had finished most of the books that I found interesting in the children’s section, and asked my my mom to recommend something from her own bookshelf. She handed me The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. That book set me on a path to read all of the King and Koontz books she owned (not a few).


As a teenager I got pulled into the universe of David Eddings, reading all of his fantasy series, starting with The Belgariad.


What was your favourite childhood book?

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Day 23: Somewhere you’d like to move or travel

Obviously, I’d love to (and will) move to the UK to be closer to the boyfriend. So, let’s look at places I’d like to travel. Maybe this was meant to just list one place, but since I’d like to visit a whole slew of places, I will pick a few.

New Zealand and Australia
I would love to go away for 4-6 weeks and visit both Australia and New Zealand. Both countries look beautiful in their own way, and I’d love to see them in person.



New Zealand

New Zealand

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve dreamt of flying to Iceland and seeing the geysers, relax in the hot springs.. When I was younger I also wanted to go horse-back riding across it, but I’m not so interested in that bit anymore. Hot springs sound much more interesting these days.



The Maldives
I dream of a week or so of total relaxation, doing nothing but reading, sunbathing and swimming. The Maldives look absolutely gorgeous, and I’d love to go there. (The Canary Islands seem interesting for this as well, and probably much cheaper!)

The Maldives

The Maldives

Where would you like to travel (or move)?

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