Weekly Update

I thought I’d start making a post every Sunday on what’s been going on during the week. Maybe it will kick me into gear if I have to write down what I’ve done (or not done).

New Blog Design

I didn’t really like the old blog design, so this weekend I sat down and tried to fix it. After staring at the screen for such a long time, I honestly can’t tell whether it gotten better or worse – but at least it’s different to before.

Writing Progress

Not done nearly as much with writing as I had hoped. Some weird things are happening in my personal life at the moment, and I’ve been pretty distracted. It’s not an excuse though, I should still sit my bum down and write! Next week will have to be better.

I did do some revising of the chapters of my first MS, and that needs to continue so that I can publish it as soon as possible.

As for writing, I’ve had such terrible writer’s block for the third book in that series that I think I need to take a break from it. Which means I have to pick up another project for a bit, but I’m hoping that something fresh will get me out of the writing slump. Somehow, having writer’s block and failing to finish that book has become such a big thing, the longer it’s gone on, that I’m just getting nowhere. Hopefully, a new project will let me eventually come back to it with fresh eyes.

Which brings me to the next part…

Choosing a New Project

Revising is good and a necessary evil, but I need to do some writing as well. Which means I have to choose what to work on next. There are so many ideas that it’s difficult to choose. I’m leaning towards an idea I’ve had for a while about a supernatural series. My biggest decision is to decide whether it should be contemporary or historical. Both have their pros and cons.

Other options include another two Regency romance ideas, a contemporary romance and a fantasy romance series.

Have I mentioned that I’m terrible at making choices?

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