Frustration (again)

I feel like this is becoming a recurring topic (frustration). As you probably remember, I was excited because my copy of Inquisition arrived last week. As it currently stands, I’ve yet to be able to play it. And it’s not just because I was gone for a few days.

My crappy mobile internet has not been co-operating!

So, when I first wanted to install the game – I realised that it wasn’t possible without Origin. Which meant that I had to logon to Origin. Normally, my internet behaves well enough to at least allow that, but no – my Origin was not co-operating. So I was unable to even begin the install. Eventually, about nine hours later, Origin finally allowed me to logon and I could begin the install.

After the installation, there was an update to download (bug fixes and whatnot). Okay, I left my slow, slow internet on during the night – and it was downloaded the next day around noon. By then it was Friday, and we were leaving for dad’s.

Finally back home, I think that now I’ll finally be able to play. Ha! Of course not! When I try to boot up the game, I’m informed that my graphics drivers aren’t up to date. Cue hours of trying to get my internet to download the driver. It’s downloading at a whopping 10 kb/s. The file is 225 MB, at a normal speed it would be done in minutes! Time remaining on my connection? 8 hours and 23 minutes. (It varies a lot cause the speed went down to 6 kb and all the way up to 12 kb!)

It’s now Tuesday, and I’ve left the download on over night. Hopefully when I come home from work I can install the driver and get going. But with my luck something else is going to be wrong/not work.

As a side note, how frustrating is it that you have to be online on Origin to even install the game? If someone doesn’t have internet, they basically can’t play it. Sure, once it’s installed you can go on offline mode in Origin, but to have to be online to do the initial install… yeah, you need internet.

Also, the dragonagekeep site wasn’t working on my crappy connection. Fortunately, the boyfriend came to the rescue and filled it all out for me. Hooray for the boyfriend!

So true.

So true. (Image from The Oatmeal.)



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  1. I had to get the updated video driver from my brother’s computer, because my download of the new one kept failing. I wanted to punch something after the fourth try and hours of waiting.

    The game is fun, though!

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