Far Away

Living far away from your family isn’t easy at the best of times, so when I got a message last week that my grandma had been taken to the hospital, I was definitely struggling. I wanted very badly to be there for her, able to visit her in the hospital and help out in any way I can. Neither of which is possible when you’re in another country.

She was taken to the hospital last Wednesday morning, and ended up having emergency surgery that afternoon. After that she’s been struggling with an infection, but from what I’m hearing she’s on the mend, and they’re hoping to send her home next week. (With some assistance in the home, since she won’t be able to do everything for a while yet.)

When something like this happens you feel very powerless when you’re far away. It’s made me miss my family extra much, and I can’t wait until end of July when I go home to see them. Especially my grandma, who I will be hugging extra hard.


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    • Thank you! She’s finally home from the hospital now, but with some home assistance since there are still things she can’t do herself. Definitely on the right track though!

  1. Världens bästa! Skickar omtanke härifrån. Hälsa till henne. Vissa människor sätter sina spår oavsett åren som går.

    • Hon tackar så mycket och hälsar tillbaka; hon minns dig med 🙂

      Någon gång lär jag ju vara i Malmö igen, då får vi försöka möta upp. Och skulle du någonsin ha vägarna förbi Bournemouth i England (eller vilja bo gratis på en semester! 😀 ) så är du varmt välkommen!

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