Durlston Country Park

One of the days we went to Durlston Country Park, it’s a nature reserve and park that stretches along the coast and they used to have quarries there for limestone in the past. We walked a path along the sea side, saw the lighthouse (of which I didn’t get any good photos) and then had lunch at their restaurant.

I tried Dorset Apple Cake (since we live in Dorset), and it was nice. I’m not sure what’s different to regular apple cake though, since to me they all tend to just be apple cake.


There’s also a 40-ton globe made of limestone on the grounds, engraved with the world map (as it was in the 19th century). It was a nice visit, with a lovely walk along the coast, but also somewhat terrifying for someone with a fear of heights, since you walk quite close to the edge. Like most of the English south coast, the cliffs are quite steep, so you want to watch your step!



Durlston Country Park — 2 Comments

  1. Total Broadchurch vibes from all your coast pictures, for sure. The weather has been so nice for your family visit, too, it looks like!

    • We were admittedly really lucky with the weather. We only had two days that were a bit off, and they weren’t even properly bad, just not as warm and sunny as the rest!

      I’ve recently watched Broadchurch and I love that show. My mom wanted to go to the place where they recorded it when she was here, but we just didn’t get around to it. It’s only about an hour away, so we’ll probably do it next summer when she comes again. I read somewhere that they’re recording the final, third season at the moment – so that’s something to look forward to as well!

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