The Repository

Posts marked as Repository are old stories and poems that I’m putting on here for safekeeping. One of my hard drives blew up, and I lost most of my old stories. Fortunately a friend had copies of some, and I found another few on an old website. As I go through them and format them I will be dumping them on here.

They’re nearly all written when I was a teenager, so my writing isn’t the best (then again, it still isn’t, I’m always working on getting better), but you’re all welcome to read them.

I have made a page on the site, also called Repository, where I will link to each new post in the category so that they’ll be easy to find. There I will also put a tiny bit of information about the story.



The Repository — 3 Comments

  1. You’re welcome (I presume you refer to me). I’m glad in any case to see you’re writing again; I’ve always enjoyed your writing and I’m sure if I were to read more I would say it impossible I don’t like it. Hope you can get back into your series even.

    In any case, keep up the good work!

      • Me too though to be technical it was the Internet Wayback Machine ( They’re all very nice stories though and I’m glad most were salvageable. I believe I was specifically after ‘Daughter of a Witch’ (a wonderful story albeit a very sad story) but since you said you lost the others I decided I’d try to get the others too (might have been the other way around thinking about it – I think I was asking you about that one in particular and then you told me you lost the stories so I decided I would find as many as I could).

        Well, keep up the good work here and your writing in general! It takes real strength to be able to pick something like this up again and that is something to be commended!

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