These pages contain old things that I wrote a long time ago, mainly in my teens. I’ve lost and had to recover them several times when hard drives have fried (and some have been lost forever), so now I’m going to store them online, on this website, in the hopes of not losing any more.

Most were written when I was a teenager, so maybe not always the most mature (or well written!), but I wanted somewhere to keep them. And if anyone wants to read some badly written stories from a long time ago, feel free.

Day of Fare Well
A short story that I wrote in 2005 for a 24 hour contest at Writers Weekly where we were given a couple of sentences to build a story around. I didn’t win, but got an Honorable Mention. (Fiction)

A White Rose (1, 2, 3)
A short story in a fantasy setting, written maybe 15 years ago. I’ve split it up into parts because it is a little bit too long to put in a single post. (Fantasy)

A Red Rose (1, 2)
A short story in a fantasy setting, written about 15 years ago. Split into parts due to the size. Sequel to A White Rose. (Fantasy)

An old poem. (Poetry)