Plans for the future (of this blog)

October is the last month where I get any maternity pay. After this month I still get to stay at home with my baby on maternity leave – but I no longer get any money. For that reason I’ve had to start looking over my various expenses, and I’ve realised that I’m paying for a total of 5 domains. Needless to say, I don’t use that many domains, so some will have to go.

I’ve decided to let this one go in favour of my very first domain; – and so this blog will be migrated to that address. It’s paid up until May I believe, so the old posts and things will remain here until then.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused, but I really needed to get rid of some dead weight. It may not be a lot of money with the extra domains, but even little money is a lot when you’re earning 0.

Hopefully I’ll see you (my few, but appreciated) readers at in the future.