Monday Movie

I just saw the trailer for Marvel’s new TV-series Inhumans, and it’s looking pretty interesting. Admittedly, I’m fairly new to these characters, so I’m coming at it with fresh eyes. My first thought when watching the trailer was to wonder if Iwan Rheon always plays a bad guy. (Then again, I’ve only seen him in GoT…)

What do you think does the trailer seem interesting?

Monday Movie – You’re Welcome

I watched Moana for the first time a couple of months ago, and I absolutely loved it. Most of the songs stuck with me, but this one possibly the most. Every time I say “you’re welcome” to someone, I tend to hum the song. I can’t help myself, it’s so catchy!

When I went home for Easter I heard my three year old niece singing it, which was adorable. She doesn’t know English, so she was just making noises that sounded similar to the words. Cutest ever.

Without further ado; You’re Welcome from the Moana movie, sung by Dwayne Johnson.

Monday Movie – The Song of the Summer

Once upon a time I posted a new YouTube video that I had found every Monday, and for some indiscernible reason I thought that’s something I could start doing again. So here goes!

This is Logan Paul’s Song of the Summer. It’s very weird and silly, but kind of fun. It reminds me a bit of Lonely Island in the style.

Monday Movie: Supernatural Parody

You’ve probably already come across this, but I’m not a big Youtube viewer so I miss most things until a friend or brother show it to me. I found this one quite funny, maybe because I also think that “Shake It Off” is a very catchy song. Seeing the real actors towards the end is possibly the best part. That and “fake” Dean doing the Eye of the Tiger moves.

Monday Movie – Fight Song

Let’s do a Monday Movie! Though this is more the song than the movie. I don’t know why, I just really like this one. Have a playlist that I run through when at the PC, and this is one of the newest additions.

Monday Movie – Elastic Heart

I love this video. I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe because the little girl is such an amazing dancer, with her facial expressions and everything. Or maybe because it’s so sad towards the end. In any case, I really like it (and the song).

Monday Movie – If Disney Princes Were Real

It’s Monday again, and I found another funny movie! This one is how you’d never want to date the Disney Princes in real life.

Monday Movie – Chris Pine vs Benedict Cumberbatch

For today’s “Monday Movie”, we’re looking at a clip of Benedict Cumberbatch during an interview with Graham Norton. After getting hooked on Sherlock, I just love Mr Cumberbatch…

Monday Movie – Thunderstruck (2Cellos)

It’s Monday again, so I’m sharing another YouTube clip!

I never new cellos could sound like this. Extra points for playing an AC/DC song. Childhood memories! (My dad was always into rock and my childhood was filled with AC/DC and Status Que etc.)

Monday Movie – Cards Against Humanity

Movie time! I’m not a big fan of PewDiePie, who’s apparently one of the people making the most money on YouTube. That being said, this movie is funny, because he’s playing Cards Against Humanity, and it looks very fun. I want to get it for when I get to hang out with all of the siblings around Christmas. It would be the perfect game for us to play!