Instagram Roundup (June)

Roundup of Instagram posts for the month of June.

I marveled at the “wrongness” of the meatball dish at IKEA. It’s meant to be boiled potatoes, not chips!

The fancy promenade in the neighborhood where our house was.

A view in Spain.

The boyfriend got a very tasty dish in a restaurant. Showing off his usual hate of photos.

Interesting cliff formations at Bolnuevo in Spain.

The boyfriend and I at the beach in Spain one evening. At least he’s not flipping me off for once, only sticking his tongue out.

Funny sign at the Steam Vintage Tea Rooms.

Lovely afternoon tea at the Steam Vintage Tea Rooms.

The two cakes I made for the Swedish Midsummer BBQ. The green one is marzipan and the other is strawberries and cream.

One Year

I can’t believe that today it’s been a whole year since I arrived in England in my new flat, to finally live with the boyfriend after surviving years of a long distance relationship.

On the whole, I think that we’ve managed quite well. I was definitely a bit worried when first moving, since it’s always different meeting someone for limited amounts of time, compared to actually living together. It probably helps that we’re both fairly laid back kind of people, so we’ve not really had any big issues to deal with.

My biggest issue has probably been missing my family, especially the little ones. Sometimes feeling lonely with no friends in a new country. Still, I don’t regret moving, because I get to be with the love of my life.


And suddenly it’s the middle of August!

Right. So, things got pretty busy.

I finished up work, and there was a lot of extra stuff the last few days, including a prom night for the students. The day I finished work, I came home, then went straight into panic-cleaning mode since my family was arriving later that evening. They then spent a week here, and we did some sightseeing and hanging out – it was nice.

After that, I went back to Sweden for two weeks to see the rest of my family. I’ve not been back in England for a week, and I’m slowly gathering energy again. That much socialising and well… doing stuff, wears me out. I have a bunch of photos to share, but I will space them over a few different posts, because I don’t want to spam you too much!

This weekend just gone it was my birthday, and it was celebrated fairly quietly at home with the boyfriend and his parents. We’d invited a few friends over, but a couple were out of town and another decided to have their baby that weekend! So in the end it was just us four. I feel like they all had good excuses though.

I had brought some things back from Sweden, and made a Swedish cake called a Princess cake, which uses green marzipan. It’s three layers, with bottom being strawberry jam, middle being vanilla custard and then you cover it all with some whipped cream and top it with the green marzipan. It was the first time I made it, and I think I can definitely improve on it for the next one, but it wasn’t bad!

Princess Cake!

Princess Cake!

The boyfriend got me an insanely good gift as well; he got me a laptop! It’s perfect for several reasons, I’ll be able to sit more comfortably to write (sitting at the desk for too long tends to make me ache), and I can bring it when I go to Sweden and still be able to do things! (I suspect he may have gotten tired of hearing me curse at the 5+ year old laptop I was using in Sweden when trying to raid in the past.)


All in all, it was a great birthday, and a good few weeks previous. Will write more about them in the next few days, while spamming you with photos. (Some of which you’ll have seen if you have me on instagram and/or facebook.)


There have been a lot of weddings in my life lately. In March we went to a friend’s wedding. in May we had a wedding party for a couple of friends (who had eloped and gotten married in Scotland), and then a large wedding for the boyfriend’s sister.

I enjoy weddings. They’ve all been lovely, and I’ve enjoyed being allowed to share in the joy and happiness of our friends.

It’s strange though, because the wedding-mania (I also have two colleagues at work who are getting married, so there’s been a lot of talk about weddings!) has made me want to get married myself. Which is an odd feeling to me since it’s not something I’ve ever been overly concerned about. For a little while there though, I was feeling like I wanted nothing more than to get married.

Not have a big wedding, mind you. I’d hate that. But to get married. I’m not entirely sure what caused the feeling, but it was pretty frustrating. It turned me into someone I didn’t recognise. The girlfriend who kept whining about getting married. I never wanted to be that person. I think my feelings are finally settling down though, which is nice – because I’m pretty sure I was driving both the boyfriend and myself nuts.

I'm never really allowed a nice photo of the two of us...

I’m never really allowed a nice photo of the two of us…

I would still like to get married one day, but I care more about being married than I do about having a wedding. When the day comes, I’d prefer something smaller, more casual. There’s nothing I hate more than the idea of a lot of people staring at me!

Anyway, the weddings were all lovely – and quite different from each other. Especially the two in May. The first being a fairly informal, relaxed wedding party with easy pick-up foods. No sit down dinner, no speeches – just a lot of people hanging out and mingling, eating some food and dancing. The second was a big, proper wedding with the ceremony, sit-down dinner, speeches, wedding reception… You name it, it probably happened!

Lovely photo of the boyfriend with his mom at the wedding reception.

Lovely photo of the boyfriend with his mom at the wedding reception.

Speaking of speeches… The boyfriend did one for his sister’s wedding, and it was amazing. It was like a comedy skit. A lot of people commented on how well he did, and I’m very proud of him. (Especially considering that he hadn’t written a single thing down!) An uncle recorded it, but sadly the sound cuts out a lot because of all the background noise.

I think we’re all weddinged-out for a bit now. No more pending invitations, so we can relax. And I’m doing just that, enjoying my one week off for half term.

The reception had special coasters...

The reception had special coasters…

The boyfriend's mom showing off a beard, not knowing that the real deal was behind her!

The boyfriend’s mom showing off a beard, not knowing that the real deal was behind her!

Writing Woes

I have discovered that I have some problems with my writing. There are always periods when I feel like I struggle to write, but this one is a bit different. Since moving in with the boyfriend, writing has become extra difficult.

We share a desk, and I’ve realised that I find it incredibly awkward to write when sitting next to someone. Writing, to me, is a solitary activity – and sitting right next to someone who is busy playing games, sometimes chatting to friends on Skype; it’s really putting me off!

I wish I was able to write anywhere, under any circumstances. But as it turns out, I need things my way to be able to do it.

It’s extra frustrating, because I really want to get back to it. I am slowly plotting a series of shorter stories set in a fantasy world. It’s basically just romance stories with a fantasy setting. I have no great plans for them other than publishing them either here on the blog, or on a separate blog dedicated to the series of stories. (Since there’s quite a few if I continue them all.)

Naturally, I also want to do the finishing bits on my two written books, and finally continue on the third (and eventually fourth, to finish the series). These I want to release on Kindle and/or other e-book publishers, since you can do that on your own.

I have so many ideas, y’all. I just need to figure out how I will be able to write with someone next to me. Help!

So. Many. Ideas.

So. Many. Ideas.